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A special message from your CY’s

A special message from your CY’s

We had a nice turn out for the Bean Dinner and Fall Festival even though the weather was a little chilly this year. We made a total of $430 at the gate and a total of $550 for the Bean Toss Tournament, the 50\50 and the 2 Raffle Baskets, for a grand total of $980. Roland gave a shout out to his assistants, Dick Tafflinger and Bob Young. Roland also wanted to thank Sandy Maines, Louann Carney, Leslie Renner and Diana Winings for helping out in the kitchen and to all the ladies who brought desserts for the dinner. Wow, you ladies did us proud this year. Thanks so much. Thanks to all the members and friends who came and celebrated with us. We appreciate you!

The winners of the Bean Toss Tournament successfully unseated Roland and Jerry as the reigning champs. We had a total of 8 entries in the contest which earned the Club $40. Jerry’s friend, Gary and his wife won the contest and became the new reigning champs and said they will definitely be back next year. They won 2 gift cards that were donated by Diana Winings.

The Club made $75 from the 50/50 and Jenny Winings won the other $75. The green bucket raffle basket earned $160 and was won by Mark Mathis. This raffle bucket was graciously donated by Luanna Albrecht. The red metal raffle basket earned the Club $275 and was won by Jenny Winings. This was evidently her lucky night, and we are so glad she was able to drive over from St. Louis to hang out with us for the evening. (Hopefully now that she lives a lot closer, we can convert her into a club member next year and get some of that $ back!) The red metal basket was donated by Diana Winings. We would also like to thank members, Jennie and Jamie Burns’ young granddaughter for doing such a good job drawing the names for the 50/50 and raffle baskets.

The Annual Stockholders Meeting is fast approaching. Letters will be going out in about a week. The meeting will be held at the Clubhouse on Saturday, November 20th at 3:00 pm. If you would like the chance to attend and participate in the decisions made regarding the Club, you can do so by buying a share of stock for $100. Please contact Diana Winings or any Board Member about obtaining stock, which gives you the right to vote at the meeting for the 3 upcoming Board positions and any other item that comes up at the meeting that requires a vote.

We want to thank all of those who helped with the dinner when the docks came out, especially Dee, Leslie, Linda and Diana. Thank you. The men really appreciated the good dinner you prepared for them.

We have a CY’s meeting on Friday, November 5th, right after dinner at 8:00. We will be holding elections for officers for next year. If you would like to run for an office, please be sure to attend. The positions are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

The purpose of the CY’s is to assist with fundraising for our Club and to help with any beautification projects. If you know of someone that you think might be interested in helping support the Club, please bring them with you to the meeting. The fee to be a CY member is only $5 a year and puts you in a position to have a say in how we spend our funds.

Thank you to everyone for making 2021 a great year.



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