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Dock Install Weekend - Message from the Commodore

Good day, members! It's dock install weekend! Friday, April 16th starts off at 9:00 am sharp for those who can make it. For those who cannot attend Friday, we need you Saturday and Sunday for this all-hands-on-deck weekend! We start at 9:00 am.


You are responsible for check-in with Roland to be certain you are on the list to qualify for your reimbursement of the initial portion of the club participation fees.

The CY's will be providing lunch on Saturday. You should bring gloves, knee pads if you have them, appropriate clothes for the weather, and drinks of your choosing.

For those of you who can attend this Friday if you would kindly give Roland or myself a heads up that would be appreciated.

Bill Kessler 317/213-6171

Roland 765/561-3642

Bill Kessler,


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